Friday, November 30, 2012

So, I am going to get a little emotional with this post, sorry in advance.  I set out one night to put some ideas out on paper and 2 days later after large amounts of caffeine very little sleep and alot of cursing I had a book finished.  I sat on this book for 6 months and finally got the nerve to open the file again and reread my words and I didn't completely hate them so I did some more work on it, 4 months later I finally got the balls to do something with it and sent it to a fellow author that I adore.  She read it and encouraged me to do something with it, she was the first person I had let read it.  I did research and eventually found an editor and someone to design the cover, my editor, bless her for not strangling me at some point, helped me with the many errors through out the book, and then told me she loved it.  She was the second person to read it, and encouraged me to go through with this plan I had on epublishing  a book I had written in 48 hours because conversations going on in my head wouldn't let me sleep.

You may be wondering what the hell I am getting at, and I do have a point in all this.  I am starting to get more and more people coming to me with comments on the ARC's I have sent out, so far so good all of them have been people who liked the book.  Now I know there will be those who hate it, or thought I should of done this or that differently  it comes with the territory of taking a chance on creativity.

Now here comes the point, if you are like me, sitting there staring at an intimidating file on a computer screen wondering should I or shouldn't I take that chance, I am encouraging you to find someone you trust to give you an honest answer and take that leap.  It is worth it, even now as I sit here day after day fighting panic attacks of that first bad review, I can say it is worth it.

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