Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updated Version of MMM

So some of you may know this, some not but I have been trying to get the option out to all of you for an updated version of MMM, when i published I made a mistake and chose the wrong file, I fixed it as soon as I was able, but still a lot of people purchased the incorrect copy.  Well amazon finally contacted me and told me that MMM does in fact meet their guides to have an updated version released, now waiting to find out when they will do this.

Once again I am sorry for those who purchased the incorrect version, I will let you know on my Facebook  twitter and blog when they will be letting everyone update their version of MMM.

Thanks for understanding,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Faith Teaser

Completely unedited and could change...RAW material

“So when did this happen?” I asked
“I was asked this morning and decided earlier” Drake answered with a shrug.
“We knew he couldn’t turn us down” replied X
“Really and whys that?” asked Devi
“More chances to get laid, of course” X scoffed followed by a thump and an ouch.
“Seth she’s abusing me again” he whined
“Stop being a prick, and man up by the way” Devi responded before Seth could, Seth just shrugged while everyone else laughed at them.
“I didn’t know you were a masochist, man” X said in mock horror.
Seth shrugged “Whatever floats your boat”
Devi and I groaned we knew what was coming next.
“Whatever sinks your ship” quipped Eli.
“Whatever tickles your pickle” came from Drake.
“Whatever increases your trickle” from Sam, which got some looks.
“Whatever trips your trigger” from Devi, I looked at her and lifted an eyebrow, she gave a look that pretty much said might as well join.
I sighed “Whatever turns your crank”
We all looked at X, scared of what would come from his mouth we didn’t have to wait long.
“Whatever pets your monkey” causing us all to groan.
We all sat back and enjoyed our time together; we really didn’t get enough time together like this.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A note to authors

Ok so I know that I haven't been around as long as some, that I only have one book out that's not topping any charts, but maybe that's why I can see the problem.  I know of one blog that was attacked because of their review, two different bloggers who have made themselves sick, another brought to tears because of an author, this is NOT right.  These women and men who run these blogs do not get paid, they do not expect anything other than for us to treat them with respect and courtesy for doing US a service.  We need to remember that the bloggers have jobs, families, responsibilities that do not revolve around us.  We need to say thank you for reading our books, taking time to review our books good or bad, to set up blog tours, giveaways, pimping us out, so many time consuming activities I'm not even listing and they ask for very little, a little common courtesy would go a long way.  When one tells us no, which I know is rare, they should start by the way instead of making themselves sick trying to do to much, we should understand we are not their obligation, they do not have to read our ARC, they do not have to do any of the numerous things they do, they do not get a cut of our royalty checks so they are NOT our employees.

Just remember the golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated when dealing with people who enjoy reading our books so much that they take time away from their lives to help us reach our dreams.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Faith Blurb

Set two years after we left Devi and Seth in My Misery Muse, comes Faith where Drake Porter and Mags Sands’ story unfolds.

Mags is a single mother, running her own business trying to make ends meet.  Drake is an A&R guy for a local indie record company who has been working nonstop for a year.  When both finally take a vacation with family and friends, they are forced to finally admit, at least to themselves, that they have feelings for each other.

When they go home, they find it even more difficult to put the past in the past and maintain a relationship strong enough to face the challenges ahead.  Follow along as they try to make a relationship work while fighting demons of their own, through circumstances not of their making, and with family and friends trying to help.  
So I probably don't add to this like I should, but here is whats going on currently, I've finished writing Faith and about to start rewrites then ship it off to my editor yay.  Also started a new book not an MMM book but something completely different called Nothing Is, more details on that to come later.   The blog tour starts on Tuesday, just found out that The Subclub is going to have an author's day for me currently scheduled for Feb 4th but I will give you more info on that closer to time, I will tell you that there will be a surprise.

Hmm lets see what else is going on, writing a lot, and I have a schedule for future releases that I will tack on here.  The releases are a not permanent in their times, they are what I am hoping to make and can be changed at any time.

Ok so lets give you an idea on when to expect some books, this is all subject to change btw at any time

Faith - March/April release
Nothing Is - June
MMM Novella - July
MMM3 - Sept

more to come but this is as as far as I am currently planning

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog Tour Schedule

So excited, it starts a week from today on Jan 8th, there will be lots of fun to be had and interviews with 2 band members, an interview with me, a blog post by one over protective sexy brother, excerpts and a brand new trailer.  I am so excited and can't wait, hope you follow.