Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So I gave you a short little blip about the guys...so now lets get into who they really are

Seth can be found with an instrument in his hand most of the time working out his latest riff or beat, rocking worn 501's and retro rock t shirts.  He is around 6'2 with various piercings but the ones you can see is his labret, eyebrow and tongue when he talks, but there are more hidden.  He has lots of tattoos both sleeves done,  piercing grass green eyes that are highlighted by his dark eyelashes and the kohl around his eyes he usually sports.  His hair is dark almost black and reaches his collar, he has the quintessential bad boy look down.

He can be a bit standoffish at times but at ease with the other guys in the band, hes still not sure how they made it to where they are.  His musical influences are The Misfits, New York Dolls, Chevelle, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and many more.  He can play the bass, guitar, drums, piano, banjo, up right bass, and violin but he prefers the bass.  He was accepted to quite a few music schools but decided to try and make it with My Misery Muse instead.

He has no real family but the band, his mother od'ed when he was 17, he went to live with Sam and his family and he never knew his father.  He took to music at a young age when his grandmother a piano teacher started him at the young age of 4, she encouraged him and helped pay for lessons on other instruments he wanted to learn, he lived with her until she died when he was 12 and was then sent to live with his drug addict mother.

At 14 he met Sam when they were freshmen in high school and Sam introduced him to Xavier, Alex and Drake, together they started a garage band Busted Monkey.  By the time they were 16, Busted Monkey, had a bit of a following and were playing house parties for some of the richer kids that went to their school, Seth was making enough money to keep himself fed and clothes on his back.  He spent most of his time at Drake's house so he could hang out with Devi, Drakes little sister who was 2 years younger.

Devi was an odd girl, she was into art and always drawing something which is what pulled Seth to her to begin with.   He knew when he was 16 that she was it for him, but with her only being 14 knew he had to bide his time.

In their senior year of high school Drake left Busted Monkey to focus on school, he was leaving to go to college the next fall to study music management   Sam, Alex, Xavier and Seth decided to create My Misery Muse leaving behind covers to focus on writing their own music.  By the following fall they hit the Dallas music scene and were beginning to play clubs through the area beginning to draw crowds and make a name for themselves.

At 19 he and Devi began their relationship, they were inseparable  she decided she wanted to be a tattoo artist and started focusing on getting out of school early and to attend art school, Seth continued with the band.

At the age of 21 My Misery Muse was offered a contract and the chance to make a CD, only problem was that they had to move to L.A.  Seth didn't want to leave Devi behind, but Devi decided he was going and ended things with him, so with nothing left to do Seth went with the band.

So far they have recorded 2 Cd's and is currently working on the third, but when things started to go south with the band they decided to go back to their roots of Dallas to work on the album.

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait for this to be released! Congrats on your 1st book!