Friday, November 30, 2012


Hmmm where to begin with Xavier, if you asked him he would tell you he was a egotistical, man-whore and he's the star.  He likes sex, women, getting his own way and when he doesn't he pouts.  He's taken to the rock star life with ease, and leather pants have become a staple in his closet.  He enjoys drinking beer with his band and playing Xbox in his downtime.

He's the only redhead in the group and his irish descent is clear to see with his clear emerald eyes, and at 6 feet tall is great eye candy.  He has a voice that can be a raspy croon at one minute to a ear shattering scream the next.  He enjoys strutting across stage and giving the girls a good look at the six pack and tight ass. He has a quick temper but can't stay mad for long, he's sarcastic, and a bit of an ass.

If you were to ask his band mates about him though they would say that while X is an ass he's always one of the first to be their for his friends and family.  His father died when he was 16 in a car wreck leaving his mom to take care of him and his 11 year old sister.  Xavier has done what he could help his mom and sister out, even buying his mom a house and paying for his sister to go to college.

X has always known Sam, their dads were best friends growing up, they spent many weekends out fishing and camping with their fathers when they were young.  Sam and he though friends weren't always that close, Sam didn't have many interests outside his guitar while X always had a thing for girls and getting into mischief.

When he was a freshmen in high school he met Drake and Alex and introduced them to Sam later Sam brought Seth into the group and they decided to start a band, Busted Monkey.  X loved to get up on stage and perform, he also discovered he had a knack for the singing thing.  In high school the went from girl to girl until he was around 18 and met Sabrina, he thought he was in love with her, but they decided to end things when she went away to college.

When My Misery Muse started he decided he didn't want to do anything else but sing and perform, and started writing some lyrics.  He continues to help with writing lyrics for some of the songs, but leaves alot of it to Sam and Seth.

He purchased his family home in Dallas shortly after their first album went platinum and bought his mom a smaller home close to where his sister goes to college.  He had the house revamped and a studio built in the backyard.  When they were getting ready to start recording their third album they decided to get away from the Hollywood lights and back to their roots in Dallas and record their.  They were all beginning to suffer from burnout of going three straight years of recording and touring with little to no time for a break.

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