Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ok so a few minor technical issues going on with the cover, but hope to have it up very soon, but omg I had to wipe the drool off my chin when I saw it...I am a little in love with the chica at Okay Creations...now for the teaser you were also promised, hope you enjoy

I walk into the café next door and am instantly greeted with the smell of fresh brewed coffee, I inhale deeply and briefly close my eyes, nothing is better than coffee from Joe’s Café.  I walk up and order Cris and my typical coffees, a mocha latte for him and a honey latte for me.  While I’m waiting for our drinks I glance around the café, some of the people I recognize from the area, others are college kids hanging around for the summer.  I pay and take our drinks when I happen to glance in the corner and almost drop the coffee.  Sitting in the corner is the last person I ever expected to see again, Seth. Damn, he looked as gorgeous as ever. I knew when standing, he topped off at 6’2, he had wide shoulders that tapered down to lean hips, his muscles were well defined but sinewy like a swimmer. His dark hair was shaggy and mussed as ever and those eyes, the eyes that have haunted me for over 2 years are the color of spring grass after a rain. He had lips that were made for sin, full, lush and I can still remember biting them. His nose had the hump in the middle from when my brother had broken it years before, and cheekbones most women would kill for, which were currently covered in a day or two’s worth of stubble.  I could still picture how his eyes darken when he’s angry or turned on; I can still remember his scent, which was all Seth, spicy and completely masculine.  He was dressed as he’d always dressed. Vintage rock t-shirt that clung to his chest, worn 501’s that molded to his ass and thighs perfectly, black work boots, his labret glinting in the light and tattoos peeking out from under his shirt sleeves.   That man could do things to me, to my body that would light me up like a firecracker, but that didn’t mean I wanted to see him again.

I’m not sure if he saw me or not and I have no intention of finding out, I hurry to the door open it and almost run back to the tattoo shop slamming the door on my way in.  I rushed in and thrust Cris’s latte at him and hightail it to the back of the shop, into the room where we keep all of our equipment and shut the door.  I have to sit down and put my head between my legs, trying to keep myself from passing out.  I hear the door open and glance up to see Cris standing there with a concerned look on his face.

“Dev what’s the matter, you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” says Cris.

With that I start laughing because it’s better than crying.

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