Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Sam grew up in the all American family, dad who worked 8-5 job, mom who stayed home with the kids, little annoying brother in a nice neighborhood.  His parents have no idea where they went wrong, Sam never wanted to do much more than play his guitar, he started at the age of 6 and never put it down.  They tried everything they could think of to get him to try other things, but nothing held any interest, if he wasn't at school or doing homework he was playing his guitar.

Sam had always been a bit shy, a bit of a recluse, and still is.  He's often with Seth working on the latest song or just messing around with his guitar, if not there he can be found in his bunk reading the latest thriller out.  He has a love of horror films and when at all possible tries to go to as many screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show he can make.  He tried the rocker lifestyle but got bored with it quickly, he wants more of a challenge than what the groupies put up when it comes to women.  He's never been in love or really had a long lasting relationship with anyone.

Women love his blonde hair and blue eyes, hes around 6 feet tall with a panting melting grin, he loves his family and tries to keep his life as normal as possible since the band's popularity has grown.  His little brother Max hangs with him as much as possible, but hes trying to build his career as a tattoo artist.

He's known Xavier for as long as he could remember, his parents were friends of Xavier's parents, so they always spent alot of time together.  Through X he met Alex and Drake the first day of high school, the three instantly hit it off.  He met Seth later in the week, they started music, and the rest is history.

The 5 started up Busted Monkey, named by Xavier of course, and did well for a high school band playing covers, but Sam was never really fulfilled by that.  When they decided to form My Misery Muse he and Seth decided to focus on original work, and both of them began to flourish.

The business side of band was left more to him, and he found he enjoyed that aspect.  He went and found them gigs in the Dallas area eventually branching out into Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico.  He finally got the band its big break by entering a contest on a local radio station, and won they a place on the first stage at Edgefest.

They eventually signed with a label and came out to L.A. to record their first album, Sam continues to help Seth write their music, and watch the bands business dealings.

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