Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teaser 1:

I looked him in the eye and told him, “Seth is back.”
That’s all it took Crispin was next to me in a second. “Back, what do you mean back, and how do you know?” he asked.
“I just saw him next door and Joe’s.” 
“Oh damn,” was all he could said and that about summed it up for me as well.

Teaser 2:

“Damn it Devi, you’re the one who pushed me into going to La, you’re the one who told me we should end things.”

“You’re right I did, and we both know why. What were you going to do Seth keep the band here in Dallas and keep playing in the small clubs here? Or stand back and watch them leave for LA without you, knowing that you could have been there with them living your dream? You would have ended up hating me for that.”

Teaser 3:

...slide down his body until my feet hit the floor, still a bit the unsteady, he held on to my arm while I got my bearings back. He bent over and started kissing my neck again, slowly running his lips down, then across my collar bone. He reached his hand up and took my breast teasing the nipple with his thumb...

Hope you enjoy!

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