Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ok so I want to do this before I go into panic attack hell tomorrow or get really really drunk Saturday, thank you to everyone who has supported me, did a review, I really appreciate it. A special thanks to Holly Malgieri, Kim Box Person, Tanya Keetch, Nikki Sparks and Shey Stahl who have kept me somewhat sane, answered alot of questions, and tolerating general freak outs, thank you and I ♥ you all

Other news is that I am going to be doing a blog tour, still working out the details but its planned to start 01/08/13 my initial release date, I will give more info when I get it.

I've also been working on the second book to the My Misery Muse series, and I've decided on its title, the books after the first My Misery Muse will be named after songs the band writes.  I hope to release the new book in April but we will see how that goes, and I may give up the title after MMM releases.

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