Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Faith

Release date-I cannot give a set date of release at this point, I will tell you I am hoping for a release date in late April, but we will see if the cosmos align and that happens, no promises

Who is Faith about-I will answer this question eventually, but I don't know how much detail I can give until the book is finished, I will let you know soon though

Who is Mags' baby daddy-the only person I am willing to rule out at this moment is Seth ;)

Will there be more books-Yes currently the plan is 5 books with the possibility of 2 Novellas about minor characters, that is subject to change though
I am about halfway through Faith currently, and hope to have it finished by the end of December, but you never know with this kind of thing, anything can happen.  Thank you for supporting me I do appreciate it, when I am willing to release more information about Faith, I will defiantly update you.

Thank you,

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