Monday, December 23, 2013

Believed Lyrics

As some of you may or may not remember with each MMM book I write song lyrics to go with it, there was Broken with MMM, Faith was named after a song Sam wrote in that book, and there is a song titled Believed of Sam and Jules book...

I see an angel up above
Streaking the sky in her wake
The stars shine bright trying to garner attention
Though she barely blinks in their wake
I watch her sail amongst the sea
Not realizing how she affects me

I believe in a world of fairies and lights
Until she’s gone from my sight
I believe in souls merging as one
Until she breaks the surface of the sea
I believe in a world of untold lies
Until she says she loves me so
I once believe in everything
But that was before the mist

I pull my angel close at night
Promising to protect her from the world
I hold her tight all night
To wake in the morning alone
I wait each night with my hands held tight
Praying for my love to return

I believe in a world of forevers
Until she’s gone without a thought
I believe in a world of laughs so bright
Until her names a curse from my lips
I believe in a world of dreams and myths
Until I’m left in the cold
I once believed in you and me
But that was before you left

I find her searching for life
All I can do is watch her fall
I find her milky flesh marred
The fingerprints deep enough to scar
I promised her once so much of me
Only to fail to make it that far

I once believed in the world of fairytales
Until daylight shone through cracks
I once believed the moon was made of cheese
Until daylight melted away my naiveté
I once believed in the love of two souls
Until the day you left a cutout in my soul
I once believed
But no more

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