Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My take on Piracy

Yea I know you are seeing authors complain about piracy all over the place, and you're probably wondering why are we pitching such a fit. You may see it as us whining over the loss of money we could be making, but in all reality its not that. It's the lack of respect this shows for us, its the pain we feel when we see someone take something with no regard to the emotional investment we have put into it. When I first saw My Misery Muse on a torrent site it felt like someone punched me in the stomach, stomped on my toes, and told me I was worthless in one fell swoop. It told me that someone had so little respect for the amount of time, tears, and love that I put into writing a story that they felt the right to take it from me, to lessen what I did, what I accomplished. It is not about the money, because in all reality we don't make a lot of money from this, what we do make is then turn around and put back into developing new stories for you to enjoy, berate, tear apart, love, hate, feel some sort of emotion for even if it is contempt. We do this over and over, we put ourselves out there and in return we are told by these sites that our effort is not worth the small amount of money that we gain. It makes us doubt ourselves, our stories, and makes us rethink is it worth putting ourselves through this if you're just going to steal it, and its not just my bank account that you're stealing from, it my emotions, my heart and my dream.

I thank every person who has purchased my books through legitimate sites, I appreciate the support and respect you have shown me. Those who have chosen to steal something so personal from me or any other author, musician, actor, developer, shame on you for belittling us and telling us that what we do is not worthy of respect.

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