Sunday, January 6, 2013

So I probably don't add to this like I should, but here is whats going on currently, I've finished writing Faith and about to start rewrites then ship it off to my editor yay.  Also started a new book not an MMM book but something completely different called Nothing Is, more details on that to come later.   The blog tour starts on Tuesday, just found out that The Subclub is going to have an author's day for me currently scheduled for Feb 4th but I will give you more info on that closer to time, I will tell you that there will be a surprise.

Hmm lets see what else is going on, writing a lot, and I have a schedule for future releases that I will tack on here.  The releases are a not permanent in their times, they are what I am hoping to make and can be changed at any time.

Ok so lets give you an idea on when to expect some books, this is all subject to change btw at any time

Faith - March/April release
Nothing Is - June
MMM Novella - July
MMM3 - Sept

more to come but this is as as far as I am currently planning

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