Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Faith Teaser

Completely unedited and could change...RAW material

“So when did this happen?” I asked
“I was asked this morning and decided earlier” Drake answered with a shrug.
“We knew he couldn’t turn us down” replied X
“Really and whys that?” asked Devi
“More chances to get laid, of course” X scoffed followed by a thump and an ouch.
“Seth she’s abusing me again” he whined
“Stop being a prick, and man up by the way” Devi responded before Seth could, Seth just shrugged while everyone else laughed at them.
“I didn’t know you were a masochist, man” X said in mock horror.
Seth shrugged “Whatever floats your boat”
Devi and I groaned we knew what was coming next.
“Whatever sinks your ship” quipped Eli.
“Whatever tickles your pickle” came from Drake.
“Whatever increases your trickle” from Sam, which got some looks.
“Whatever trips your trigger” from Devi, I looked at her and lifted an eyebrow, she gave a look that pretty much said might as well join.
I sighed “Whatever turns your crank”
We all looked at X, scared of what would come from his mouth we didn’t have to wait long.
“Whatever pets your monkey” causing us all to groan.
We all sat back and enjoyed our time together; we really didn’t get enough time together like this.

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